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I just received 3 emails this is the 1st one

I’d like to offer you a business proposal. Be so kind as get acquainted with it. Undoubtedly, it will interest you.

It’s Gordon Parla and work at BRAVO TRAVEL. At present, we are taking much efforts to develop our commercial actions and are willing to open a supplementary department in the USA. Because of the opening of the branch in another state located on the other continent, we have a necessity of searching for new employees working part time.

Sure, this message is an invitation aimed at drawing your attention to BRAVOTRAVEL UK and reflecting on collaborating with us. We are looking for responsible, energetic and communicative employees willing to earn supplementary income to their key work. Once more, at the first stage of our collaboration, you won’t have to leave your main work, your region of residence. We propose supplementary income with really appropriate salary.

The principal advantages of the proposal:1.A wide range of advantages provided by the company

2.This is a part-time employment (you can spend 5-8 hours per week only)

3.Decent payment - three thousand US dollars per month

4.Free of charge education (we will pay wage from the beginning of your education period, rather than after entering upon your duties)

5.You are offered to try yourself as Journey Controller

6.Preferment (it may well be so that working successfully at our company will be more attractive and profitable).

About us in a few words:

The company BRAVOTRAVEL has been functioning in the EU market of travel servicing for more than ten-year period. We are in the lead in this industry. A great number of thankful customers in the world is the finest result of our devoted and profitable work. Regarding the success of the previous years, we are willing to enter the intercontinental market and open a new office in the USA.

I expect that you are concerned about the productive collaboration with our company. If that is really so, the only thing you have to do is to send your consent in the letter of response and I will inform you on the details of the vacancy offered.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1241674

I have received these emails today and I started to learn about what they were. Do you have anymore information on why they are scams? I'm not even illegible to have this job.

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