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I just received 3 emails this is the 1st one I’d like to offer you a business proposal. Be so kind as get acquainted with it. Undoubtedly, it will interest you. It’s Gordon Parla and work at BRAVO TRAVEL. At present, we are taking much efforts to develop our commercial actions and are willing to open a supplementary department in the USA. Because of the opening of the branch in another state located on the other continent, we have a necessity... Read more

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I recieved the same email today from Mr Buero, and i had replied to it before i thought about it. I was very excited, and replied yes and i asked him what made me a candidate for a position i'v never had?? After that i tried to google his name and got nothing.?. Scaryyyy then i seen this site, and one other that had got the same mysterious emails. This is very weird. I know last year i got a letter from the government, that stated my info and... Read more

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Me too guys! I'm grateful someone put this on here! Here is my experience. I have documents now, though. Like a dumb fuh I was like, "woah, these seems awesome!!" Amende has TWO different e-mails and two different names: Jacque and Amende. and I have sent you the information about the job we offer via email recently. Also, I have sent you Agreement Form and Application Form again.I would... Read more

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I was contacted by Amarde Buero yesterday with an email that was suspect from the being with misspelled words and some nonsense phrasing (with my name excluded): Hail (My name), Owing to the firm expansion and the opening of additional divisions in the United States of America, we are trying to find communicative and enthusiastic claimants inclined to become part of our team. In behalf of INDIGO DMC Group, the prominent tourist company in... Read more

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If you receive an email to be employed by them out of nowhere it is a scam. Mine was sent by a person named Amande Buero. You can tell because they forward all of their messages. Its usually sent by some random then at the top says email to or something. In the email they talk about using western union and money gram or other p2p money services because the international people traveling can not... Read more

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I recently received the same thing but now they have switched to using PayPal for their scam. They put the money in and as soon as you let them know that the moneygram has been sent they pull a refund for the funds from paypal. They almost got me for $4700, luckily I checked my paypal account right after and was able to cancel the moneygram transfers before they were picked up.

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They wanted to tell me I was going to be a field agent and open up offices in the US. They put cash in a bank account I recently opened and had me withdraw the money out and send it to Russia via MoneyGram. *** me did this twice and they said I was going to get a $200.00 bonus plus 8% commission of the money transferred and $725.00 usd a week salary with a one time $500.00 usd bonus for signing up. I have been told my money has been mailed and... Read more

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Indigo Recruiting Group, Inc. is a staffing agency located in the United Kingdom. However, they may also be involved with a money gram scam group that has access to their website. Under a legitimate company and contact information appears. However, because I sent a resume to another company using one of the resume building sites-i.e. career builders, monster, HR/Resource etc. I was contacted by a man named Jeremy Claessen, who... Read more

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I did not submit a resume but was contacted for 'employment'. However, I was given the tsdk of receiving funds into my checking account and forwarding those funds via wire transfer. This did not seen legal. Also, the use of the English language did not seem accurate. At timed tense or pronouns were incorrect. I was not comfortable with this company.

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33. Indigo Recruiting Group Inc provided an excellent service. They were very professional, friendly and they really know the recruitment market. I sent my CV in and received a call that evening. They explained what it was like to work in the industry and helped me decide what kind of company I would be suitable for. A day after my meeting them, they set up an interview with a company I was previously trying to get into called Huntress. My CV... Read more

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